Comfort for your monthly cycle

Stop period cramps using new sanitary pad technology Graphene

Graphene in the pads bestows many benefits such as helping with dysmenorrhea (painful abdominal cramps), fatigue, metabolism, bacteria,...
Infused with Nobel Prize Winning material "Graphene". The Graphene infused strip may provide  various health benefits that may improve micro-circulation, may promote cell activity and may also  help support a healthy metabolism. In addition, may help inhibit harmful bacteria growth, allowing  females to feel comfortable and most of all dry.
We invest our research and development into creating products that not only offer exceptional results, but are also multi-functional, addressing many different aspects that affect your life.
The Issue with most sanitary products

Studies have shown that most sanitary pads on the market are produced from recycled paper materials  that contain print ink and chlorine. Pads and tampons with odor neutralizers are virtually a chemical soup.  These harmful chemicals and bacteria getting into the bloodstream is the leading cause of toxic shock  syndrome (TSS).
 A report from the World Health Organization indicates that within two hours of a woman putting on  traditional pads, 
about 107 different germs per cubic centimeter develop on the surface area of the  pad.  

When pressure is applied to the pad through sitting, the pad allows a "back flow" of the blood into  the  woman's 
reproductive system because paper is not absorbent enough.  With all of the germs that  may have developed and the 
chemicals in the pads, this could possibly lead to an infection in the woman’s  reproductive system.

How does this product help?
Jewel Pads are infused with Nobel Prize Winning material “Graphene”.
The infused Graphene strip may provide various health benefits that potentially:
- Help relieve painful abdominal cramps
- Help balance the body’s PH
- Help Eliminate harmful bacteria
- Help with aroma
- Help fight fatigue
- Boost metabolism
- Boost Immune system
- Graphene moves heat away from your core and contains vibrational energy
What are people saying about this product?
In addition, reports suggest that the customer experience has been superb as the Company received numerous rave reviews from more than 25,000 women that have had a chance to use the Jewel Sanitary Napkin.


New York

"Just gave birth to this beautiful baby about a week ago and was blessed by my Aunt Patricia Womack-Elston with these amazing JEWEL Sanitary Napkins. I can honestly say that they have captured all the waste that's been built up in my body without mess or odor. I have NO CRAMPS at all and it doesn't feel like I have anything on oppose to those hospital pads and other brand that us ladies ALWAYS wear. Another thing that's brilliant about these pads is it's made for US by US. Who better to create such a product than women. Thanks Auntie love you to the moon and back."


"Even though I heard that most of the products on the market cause us to bleed more because of all the chemicals in it...I'm still in shock that using the ones you gave me made me bleed less and completely shortened my period. I just got it Friday night and I already am pretty much done which is crazy. I've been having TERRIBLE periods for 10 years! On top of the endometriosis for the past couple years... this knowledge and these products is literally exactly what I always needed."

New York

"Let me tell you these are so great I always have really strong cramps & they went away I love these pads I'm buying some this week."


"My name is Cynthia, I live in Ohio and I no longer have periods, however, I have 2 testimonials. The first relates to me personally. I was experiencing pain in my upper abdomen for a few days. I started using the Jewel Sanitary Liners and my pain went away not to return.. My second testimony concerns my 4 year old granddaughter. She was experiencing some moderate irritation when using the bathroom to the point where she did not want to even urinate due to the pain. I used the Jewel sanitary napkin liner on her and overnight, she woke up with no pain and continues to have no pain while urinating."


"In the middle of June, I wore the Jewel panty liners before my cycle came on. My cycle came on July 12th and it lasted until July 15th for that month!!! Normally, my cycle last about 10 days! These pads are very comfortable and absorb very nicely!! It also reduced my cramps!!"


"My dad is Anthony Cary and he is an ambassador with the Justice for my Jewel campaign. My name is Sharapova Cary and I'm 12 years old. Before I started my cycle, my dad gave me jewel pads to try out. I usually wear my pads on the week I think I'm about to start my cycle. On that week, I know specifically when my period is about to start when I start to have cramps. When I first started my period, I used the pads women normally wear. But since I wore the Jewel pads I couldn't tell when my period was about to start because I didn't feel any pain. I was shocked because I saw blood when I was going to the bathroom and that's when I was really amazed by the Jewel pads. My cycle was going on for 3 days and the pad was dry and move able, and not wet like the conventional pads that you buy on the market. I recommend using the Jewel pads to make all the women's lives more comfortable. I tell all my friends about Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins. I appreciate my dad giving me a more suitable pad and throwing out the other pads that are made out of garbage."

These four variations are: very light panty liners, moderate flow sanitary napkins, heavy flow sanitary napkins and super heavy flow sanitary napkins. Jewel has established a customer centric culture by focusing on commercial contracts, Jewel has acquired a ten million dollar contract, fundraisers (, vending events and online customer sales. Jewel is a FDA registered company.
The customer experience has been superb as the company has received numerous rave reviews from more than 25,000 women that have had a chance to use the Jewel Sanitary Napkins.

- The Jewel slogan says it all: “Finally her feminine flow has met its match!”

If you would like to experience the possibilities of improving your monthly experience with a superiorly designed sanitary napkin, infused with graphene, Get your sanitary napkins 

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